Thinking about a new balance in architecture

Thinking about
a new balance in architecture

At Tsubame Architects, we design by first defining the premise of each project together with our clients through asking ourselves, “What kind of spaces should we be creating in this place at this time?” To support our approach, we have set up two divisions in our firm: the Studio, where we carry out the architectural design work, and the Lab, where we conduct research to refine the framework for our projects in the planning phase and devise ways to activate and nurture them in the post-construction phase. Our process of developing projects by cycling them between these two divisions allows us to find effective new balances for our architecture and propose pertinently designed spaces.


Name: Tsubame Architects Inc.

Establishment year: 2013

Founding partners: Takuto Sando, Motoo Chiba, Himari Saikawa

Services: architectural design, supervision, and consultation

Designation: First-class architecture firm (Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Reg. No. 62479)

Managing architect: Motoo Chiba (MLIT Minister Reg. No. 362313)

Address: HORA BUILDING,2-36-19,Daita,Setagaya,Tokyo 155-0033

TEL: 03-6274-8551